How To Make Uncertainty Useful
Beth Comstock

Someting really obvious , our new world , new environment of living became more and more complex . Complexity is directly linked with uncertainity of future and even more near future . San Augustinus used an enlighting sentence to caracterize complexicity . As much as at his time he called complexicity mystery : “Mystery is not something which we do not understand it is something we never stop to understand” . We might notice as well that variability of our environment is not really news . what’s new it is how much we know about it . New technology , trimendous amount of available datas , induce an immersion in an apprently more and more complex world .

Some scientific reference can be as well usefull in such matter the Godel Théorem is one of them Dated year 1930 around it is part of the strong scientific trens which introduce uncertainity in science . As heisemberg theorem of uncertainity , Schrodinger act paradox , all things fully part of quantum mecanics theory .

Something quite fascinating : those physic and mathematic improvement in the mid twenty’s century had as the most relevent application solid state electronic component . This new electronic component technology will slowly first and more and more rapidly allowed communication means revolution . In another world the jump in uncertainity in science generated as a consequence , quite far away , an increasing sensation of uncertainity in our daily life .

Looking with more details the past we can see that complexicity is not news we see it much more thane ever . Some key can help in the whilling to handle such a though challenge . Humility is surely one of them , and daily goodwhilling as an extension .

We might notice as well complexcity and uncertainity correspond to a much more opened view of our world which is as well another opportunity to handle unconfort related to uncertainity


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