Start with Who

1. You attract who you are

2. It’s all about people

3. Values > Purpose

4. Boundaries matter

The Golden Spiral

1. WHO are we and what do we stand for?

  • Articulate who you are and who you want to become
  • Invite a nucleus of people who embody the desired future
  • Inquire what creates value for you and how you want to be together
  • Define a coherent set of shared values & principles
  • Identify who is missing and how to weave them in

2. WHY do we exist and what is our ambition?

  • Presence the bigger context you are in
  • Explore what connects everyone
  • Inquire what wants to be born through you
  • Crystallize the world you want to build together
  • Define what success looks like

3. HOW do we work together to realize our ambition?

  • Clarify the needs to realize your ambition
  • Surface everyone’s gifts and connect with needs
  • Identify what’s missing and how to fill the gaps
  • Create a mechanism to honor everyone’s contribution
  • Agree on roles, rhythms and rules for working together

4. WHAT’s our concrete offering to the world?

  • Articulate your unique value proposition
  • Define the concrete offerings you want to make
  • Clarify the give/get relationship
  • Build prototypes and test with actual users
  • Evaluate success and adapt quickly




Weaving planetary communities.

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Michel Bachmann

Michel Bachmann

Weaving planetary communities.

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