2018 Thoughts

You know the drill: Most everyone says that 2018 HAS to be a better year than 2017. Other than the election of an ass-clown for President and his work to destroy the “brand” of the oval office, I’m not quite sure why so many people feel so negative about 2017. You already know why I feel that way … although it could have been a lot worse if my labs had given us bad news. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle, as usual. A little good and a little bad news in any given year. I have to admit, however, that after this last weekend’s football games, 2017 ended with a thud emotionally!

Many of you have asked that I continue to write … to write about the big issues in my life with the same candor that I used in writing about my cancer. It’s still fascinating to me that my willingness to be so open about my “issues” is so surprising to people. Maybe I’m naive, but I’m convinced that my issues are the same as most people going through what I’m going through right now. So many of us in our 70s are ending our life-long careers that defined us, dealing with the “slow death” process that’s simply unavoidable, and watching our kids become “adults” with all the usual crap we went through 30+ years ago.

I already mentioned that all of the above is stressful … even if you don’t add another layer of uber-stress by moving out of your home and starting a new life in paradise. So I have a cool idea that someone needs to jump on and make a fortune: Us baby boomers need a coach to help us let go of the past and adjust to this new life. I’m not kidding! I’m new to all of this, so some of you may already know someone doing this. We were having dinner the other night with some new friends who are going through the same stage of life and are sharing many of the same challenges. As we usually do in these situations, we all vented about how Seattle isn’t fun any more and that we don’t know what to call ourselves on our new business cards. Oh ya, you gotta have business card! You gotta have an identity!! But I digress ….

I suggested that people like us need a life coach who specializes in people in their 70s who aren’t done … who are “young” enough to start a new life rather than continue on their same path but without work. To create a new identity. Our dining companions , who were very successful business consultants, thought my idea was good. They agreed that a coach is very much a therapist … that we all probably know the answers to these existential questions deep down and just need someone (a coach) to help us find them. So, for me, I might just become that coach after I’ve spent some serious time figuring out my own shtick. For the time being, I’ve changed the name of my corporation from Simply Seattle, Inc. to Brotman Enterprises, Inc. and call myself a consultant. That makes it official. Create a “business card” and call yourself a consultant and, viola, you’re a consultant. But I digress ….

Finally, as my daughter Samantha used to say, only 16 more sleeps until we throw the rope from the dock and move to La Quinta. And the new chapter begins. By the way, it’s 75 today in La Quinta and I’m wearing long underwear here so I can go for a walk on Queen Anne. Oy! Stay tuned.

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