MegaFood Men’s One Daily: All What a Man Needs

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Just like women, men also have special nutritional and dietary needs. It is well-known that a man’s dietary and nutritional requirements per day are more demanding than women’s dietary and nutritional needs. That is because of the fact that men’s bodies are stronger and more developed. For example, a woman of average height and weight should daily take around 2000 calories. However, on the other side, an average man should daily take around 2500–3000 calories per each day. However, the most demanding population of men when it comes to the dietary and nutritional needs is the male athletes. They need at least 3000 calories per day and a highly balanced and nutritionally-abundant diet. The most important vitamins and minerals that promote a man’s health and well-being are:

· Vitamin B12. This vitamin ushers in the male sex hormone called testosterone. Testosterone helps men keep muscle strength and stimulates the growth of muscles in men.

· Vitamin D. This essential vitamin has certain benefits that both benefit the men and the women. However, when it comes to men, this vitamin has unique function in male’s body since it frees the testosterone which is bound to certain proteins.

· Zinc. Zinc is the most important mineral nutrient a man needs to take daily whether in the form of food or nutrients. This valuable mineral inhibits a chemical called aramatase from taking its turn in converting testosterone to female sex hormone called estrogen.

· Vitamin C. This vitamin helps men with the healthy regulation of testosterone. It also lowers the risk of a man’s risk for stroke, heart attack, and some other coronary diseases.

These are only a few of the most valuable vitamins and minerals every man should absorb into his body each day. However, not even the best diet and nutritional plans can’t fulfill a man’s daily need for all the beneficial vitamins and minerals. Luckily there are certain nutritional supplements on the market that fulfill a man’s daily need for all the beneficial nutrients.

One such beneficial supplement for a man’s health is MegaFood Men ‘s One Daily. This special supplement crafted only for men contains whole-food nutrients and the extracts of restorative organic herbs. MegaFood Men’s One Daily also has as a part of its ingredients something called the Longevity Herbal Blend. This unique herbal blend greatly benefits a man’s health and is consisted of ginko leaf, ashwagandha root, and hawthorne berry. Some of the vital vitamins and minerals contained in MegaFood Men’s One Daily are Vitamin C, Zinc, Potassium, Vitamin B12, Biotin, and Folate. One tablet daily of this beneficial supplement is all what a man needs to enjoy a good health.

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