Now Neem Oil: Sarva Roga Nivarini

Herbs have been used as one of the most prevalent and successful medicines to cure various ailments since the ancient times. Different herbs have worked as the fundamental or base ingredient for preparing several highly productive and premium class medicines. Among the different kinds of renowned herbs, Neem is considered to be one of the most predominating and largely successful herbs to help with the healing from different ailments. Neem is an evergreen herb that is known to grow in several tropical as well as sub tropical areas. Various kinds of researches conducted during the previous couple decades have unveiled the importance of Neem and its amazing capability of working as anti-bacterial, anti-fungal as well as anti-viral agent in curing several complicated diseases. Neem has been a pivotal part of Indian ancient medicine science and has contributed largely in acting as the most impressive natural medication for curing various ailments and distinct therapeutic purposes. NOW Neem Oil is the purest form of natural neem oil extracted from natural and wildcrafted neem seeds. Neem has several medicinal uses, which are attributed to distinct compounds such as azadirachtin as well as meliantriol.

NOW Neem oil

NOW Neem oil comprises of the purest neem oil that is cold pressed and free from solvent which originates from wildcrafted Neem seeds. NOW Neem oil is mild, has nourishing properties and enriched with natural fatty acids, having same therapeutic characteristics to that of the much renowned tea tree. Neem is highly considered to help in healing dry skin, and during the ancient times, was known by the name of Sarva Roga Nivarini or simply stated cure to all kinds of ailments. Neem has several medicinal uses such as healing rashes, boils, wounds, allergies, curing chicken pox, fungal infections, helping with parasites diseases, respiratory problems, dental infections curing etc and much more. It is also found in several other products such as personal hygiene products, natural pesticides as well as insect repellants. The products obtained from Neem are safe, natural as well as biodegradable, unlike other chemical products, which leave behind residues that pollute air, water as well as the soil. In North America, the use of Neem internally is not popular; however, it is widespread in India. Neem Oil has a high aromatherapy purpose efficacy that usually works with couple different mechanisms to cure you. First, it is believed that the aroma of Neem oil creates a direct influence to the brain, through the olfactory system. Through our nose, it travels to the brain’s limbic system. The second mechanism states that the aroma of Neem oil is easily absorbed by our skin and then exerts its effects into the inner body. It is also believed to be very beneficial in helping you get relief from drier hairs and thereby, moisturizing them. You can simply use this by dropping couple drops of NOW Neem oil with your favorite shampoo or lotion and you can even apply couple drops of Neem oil topically to your skin.

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