Considering all the stress and hurdles we face in our daily lives, it is indeed a tough job to stay healthy. With so much stress happening in the office and personal lives and with so little time to prepare healthy food, how can one not settle for a yummy cheeseburger? These fast foods create a negative impact on the health in the long run, so it is always imperative to avoid them and go for healthy foods. Progressive Vege Greens is a natural supplement that can provide you with the vitamins and nutrients you need to keep yourself going through a hectic day. Progressive Vege Greens is a natural dietary supplement with no side effects and gluten free.

What Are The Benefits Of A Vegetarian Diet?


Based on research, scientists have found a connection between mood and arachidonic acid. Arachidonic acid is a compound typically found to be abundant in animal products, such as meat and dairy. According to the study, mood disturbances seem to be more prevalent in people with high level of arachidonic acid in their body than those who have less. Apparently, vegetarian diets tend to be low in arachidonic acid due to the absence of animal products.


One of the biggest killers over these past few years are lifestyle diseases. These are conditions brought on by poor lifestyle choices. Examples of these include stroke, obesity and heart disease. According to the latest CDC Mortality report, heart disease took most lives the past year and it has been the same for the last few years. Well, now might be a good time to start going vegan. People who eat a lot of vegetables tend to have lower chances of acquiring heart disease. The reason being vegetarians consume foods rich in antioxidants, which helps the body fight off free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. This lessens the chances of acquiring problems like clogging of arteries or damage to the cardiac muscles.


A major contributor to obesity is poor food choices. Obese people often choose fast food and items rich in added sugar over healthy alternatives. This is one of the biggest contributors to obesity. Now, one obvious way to fight this off is to be pickier with the food that you eat and who could be pickier than vegetarians? Vegans are very careful with what they eat since they actively avoid animal products. This leads to better food choices and lesser chances of stress eating.

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