This is the blog version of my previous meetup, presented at the DevOps Playground in Edinburgh. Find our next meetups in London and Edinburgh!
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In this meetup, we will create a Kubernetes cluster on Google Cloud Platform, using Google Kubernetes Engine and preemptible instances. We will create an application, build a Docker image and push this image to the Google Container Registry We will then run this image on the cluster, and then load test it. We will decrease the performance of the application to see the cluster scale up, and then improve it to see the cluster scale back down. …

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In this post, we will see what Consul can do in terms of Service Discovery, Health Checking, and see how we can use its Key/Value store. We will create two nginx servers, serving two different pages. These pages will display keys from the K/V store of Consul using Consul Template. We will then dynamically load balance these two servers with a third Nginx server, which will only send traffic to the servers that are online. This will all rely heavily on Docker, and Registrator will be used to automatically (de-)register our services.

This blog post is derived from a meetup I presented in London a week ago, which I help run with my company, ECS Digital. This is usually hands-on, and every gets a chance to learn something practical. …


Michel Lebeau

DevOps and CD Consultant in London at ECS Digital, more links at

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