Women Also Explain Things to Me
Jessica Wildfire

As always, absolutely validating. You really get us humans, Ms. Wildfire (me). Most of the mansplaining I get comes in the form of my husband and his male friends during house parties in my own home and our neighbors’ homes. The other “powerful” exec husbands (and wife or two) just love to engage in a pissing contest, I guess the phrase goes, and everyone tries to be the most cool, come up with the cleverest anecdote, say it with the most witty words, and impress the most people in the circle with which man has the most wealth and who wastes it in the most idiotic ways. I am a blonde, unintentionally the prettiest one, and a SAHM, the arm candy for my husband, is automatically assumed I am just stupid and truly only there for the eyes. (Believe me, once these guys get a drink in them they get all handsey on me and they erroneously think I’m all into them — ew!) So anything I say is discarded or ignored, or (most infuriatingly) interrupted and mansplained. No one cares about anything I have to say or the fact that I am actually a very intelligent, well-read, well-traveled and experienced person who makes very good use of my hours at home reading and studying philosophy, sociology and anthropology and world events and politics, would yearn to discuss these things with another peer. I feel very lonely after the first hour of these parties, so much so that I literally want to cry, so I go and play with all the kids in the other part of the house. They always accept me! Ha!