Are you a glass half empty or full kind of person?

Your answer to this question might be dependent on what time of the day you’re asked, as moods tend to fluctuate on a minute by minute basis, which can be a challenge to your well-being.

Why is well-being so crucial?

Mental well-being describes your mental state and how well you’re coping with daily life. Since it’s dynamic, it can change from moment to moment and you’re probably noticing this fluctuation more during this time, as all the crutches you relied on previously might no longer be available to you.

Common life events can have…

Its 11am and I’m in Gibraltar peering over my parent's fourth-floor balcony.

The street below me is empty, lifeless.

Its the time of day when I would previously watch people swarm the streets like bees round a honeypot. Sounds of laughter, conversations and lively music, due to the organist stationed right outside my parent's block of flats.

Its March 13th, and it isn’t an average day, it’s the first week of lockdown and the streets below are empty. Cafe’s, bars. retailers, perfumery shops now all closed without a signal of when it will end.

It’s a scene that in my…

Hostage negotiator Terry Waite was kidnapped in Lebanon in 1987 and held alone in an underground cell for almost five years. He was chained up daily for 23 hours and 50 minutes whilst in captivity.

He survived by keeping himself mentally sane and not allowing for morbid thoughts to enter; he knew that the battle was not as much to his body, but with his mind. As he left that small dark cell when freed, he felt he had become a better person, and became a firm believer that out of suffering, something creative can emerge.

Although this is an…

Six months ago, most of us wouldn’t have heard of Wuhan, the capital of Central China’s Hubei province.

And our only association with Corona, would have been in its capacity as a popular brand of carbonated soft drink.

Yet these have become synonymous with one of the most overwhelming pandemics of this generation, spread to countries globally.

The pandemic has no passport and isn’t aware of borders, yet it has transcended most corners of the earth.

Governments are trying their best to keep abreast and provide continuous guidance, but nevertheless, it has left the public feeling confused and disorientated. There…

Eighteen-year-old Jay Singh trundled through the snow one cold winters day in his vain attempt to sell insurances door to door.

Cold, exasperated, and with a hole in the sole of his right shoe, he called his mother to ask her an all-important question.

‘Is this what life is all about?’

Jay awaited his mother's reply as one thirstily awaits the wisdom of a prophet.

To his disappointment, his mother sighed deeply, but had no answer to give him.

Jay, now an adult who’s moved on substantially since that dark moment, gave me permission to share the snippet of his story, relayed this to me in our…

Monday 20th January is known as Blue Monday.

Officially the most depressing day of the year.

There have been suggestions we should take the day off work, hide under a duvet, watch multiple feel-good movies and consume large amounts of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

The cold weather, mounting debts from the holiday season, coupled with the realization that you might have already discarded the new years’ resolutions, can contribute to a low mood.

Dr Cliff Arnall, the Psychologist who first gave ‘Blue Monday’ its name, claimed it was never his intention to make the day sound negative, but rather…

There’s a bank clerk that hovers by the entrance to my local bank.

I tend to pause and have a conversation with him each time I enter to make a deposit.

I’m always baffled by his response to my question of “How are things?” which is always met with the same sigh of hopelessness and surrender.

Every so often he adds a twist, but it’s generally a concoction of answers based on a central theme centred around “All the same, you know, I’m still alive and breathing I guess, but nothing has changed.”

This guy is not incapacitated in any…

Life is passing us by so fast.

We’re almost at the end of the year and before we jump frantically into the next one, we need to stop and recalibrate. If you had a sloppy start to the year, then even more so.

I actually find it helpful to use the end of a year as a way of making my resolve even stronger.

Let me define the word ‘strong’.

Strong doesn’t necessarily mean successful, wealthy, famous or having the capability of earning yourself a celebrity status. It simply requires that you become the grounded tree trunk that stays firm…

If you were a passenger on an aeroplane at risk of going down, which role would you take as the potential disaster unfolds?

I asked this question to one of my clients who was stressed, burnt out and exhausted.

She answered what I had expected;

“I would take the role of chief air hostess, running to all the passengers to check if they had their seatbelts on.”

No surprise there, since she’s unable to delegate at work, and spends her time micromanaging her personal and professional life, yet feels completely burnt out in the process.

Ask yourself the same question if the scenario above were to occur.

Would you be the pilot…

“This is going to hurt.”

Truer words could not have been spoken.

I recall being six years old and had just slipped on the winding staircase in our block of flats. I clumsily attempted to compose myself when to my horror, I found blood trickling down the back of my head which required a hospital visit.

As I awaited the dreaded stitching process in the midst of a busy accident and emergency unit, one of the nurses uttered the words as she picked up the needle to commence the process.

“This is going to hurt.”

No padding, mollycoddling or sugar-coating…

Michele Attias

Mindset and wellbeing Life Coach & Author of ‘Look Inside: Stop Seeking Start Living.’

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