The Freelancer “Freedom” Fallacy
Veronica Belmont

So true and I’m glad this has been written to finally dispel the myth that continues to circulate. Self employment, entrepreneurship and freelancing is not easy at all, and it certainly doesn’t mean sitting on a beach for days on end. Despite the youtube video adverts that appear with someone alongside a huge property which resides next to a pool and a margarita balancing on a table next to the pool chair, not everyone can be a Mark Zuckerberg — In fact those adverts should be banned, as they suck the vulnerable and the unhappy into it’s clutches, thinking they can strike it rich in a day or two.

I believe however that we stick to this life (for those of us who are still entrenched in it) because it is a creative way to live, it allows us to do what we love without a boss standing over us.

It isn’t physical freedom that we seek, but a creative freedom which pushes every boundary and challenges everything we thought we could achieve.

Unfortunately I was never able to achieve that when in the midst of employment, but I can when being self employed.