Obama don’t go, pleeeeeeease

I have always been a strong supporter of President Obama. With the recent news I felt the need to reach out and thank him for the past eight years. After completing my thank you, I thought I would share it with all of you. I am not a writer, but here is my attempt.

Dear President Obama,

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for your amazing service to the American people these past eight years. Due to the outcome of the recent election, I felt it was important for me to say thank you. You brought such great change to this country. You conducted yourself with class and grace. I am sad to see you go.

Voting for you in 2008 remains as one of my favorite memories. At the time, my voting precinct was in Little Haiti. This neighborhood, just north of downtown Miami, is primarily African American and Haitian. It was a sunny, gorgeous south Florida day. Everyone was wearing t-shirts with your face and iconic slogan “Yes We Can”. There was something exciting in the air. We all knew we were witnessing a historic event. I waited in line for three hours. Yet, everyone had a smile on his or her face. This demographic was excited to vote for you. I was excited to vote you. Not only because you were to be our first black President, but for what you stood for. I will never forget this moment in history. I feel fortunate to be a part of it.

Thank you for bringing marriage equality to all citizens.

Thank you for acknowledging the racial disparities in our criminal justice system.

Thank you for standing up for the Black Lives Matter movement. They have a right to protest and have their voice be heard.

Thank you for The Affordable Care Act. I benefitted from this while in graduate school.

Thank you for giving students reasonable repayment options. I am benefitting from this today.

Thank you for respecting our planet and working to reduce climate change.

Thank you for changing our relationship with Cuba. I look forward to visiting the country where my father was born.

Thank you and your lovely family for representing the American people in a dignified manner. Michelle remains a positive female role model for myself and many other women.

I regret that following your presidency is Mr. Trump. I was excited to cast my vote for Secretary Hillary Clinton. She would have made an amazing President. I felt a strong sense of empowerment with the possibility of a female leader. Thank you for handling this transition with such grace.

Know that I still feel the heartbreak and disappointment of her loss. I am motivated to work hard for the progressive movement. To vote is not enough. I will be volunteering at the local level. I will do everything I can so in two years, Democrats hold more power. I have no doubt you will go down as one of the greatest presidents of our country.

I hope you and Michelle enjoy your time off from the heavy responsibilities that you have held for the past eight years. However, I look forward to seeing you both continue to work for your causes. You both inspire me greatly. I hope to one day meet you and thank you in person. Until then this letter will have to do.

Proud American,

Michele Alonso