Expensive Gyms Are Maybe Worth It
Megan Reynolds

I pay $199 a month for my and my son at Lifetime Fitness and it’s worth every penny. The biggest pull is the ability to put my son in the kids club for up to 3 hours a day. I can work out and also get other things done while my son gets access to a multitude of classes, including karate, yoga and spanish emersion. There is an indoor pool for swim lessons year round and a swim team. There are two outdoor pools and waterslides and cabanas and a poolside cafe. This is a lifestyle gym where i can pick him up from school and have him at kids club until the end of the day while i work on my laptop and get in a workout. On the weekends, i drop him in the kids club for a karate class and free play for a couple hours in the morning. Then pick him up for lunch together at the healthy restaurant. Then take him to his swim lesson. And then spend the afternoon at the outdoor resort-like pools where he gets to go on a water slide and i get a nice coctail! I’ve just saved myself the costs of childcare, karate lessons, swim lessons (we got two months of swim lessons free when we joined), and community pool membership. $199 a month for all that plus an amazing gym with multitude of classes and climbing wall and basketball courts… We are very happy going luxe on our gym!

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