So I am reading the various points of view on expressions like “ Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem” and terms like “ Completed suicide” who cares really, in the grand scheme of matters? At least people are talking. Constricted thinking of suicidal people is more important than someone’s idea of political correctness. I do not mind either of those terms and my suicidal patients have never once complained. What I do mind, is “ judging the judgments”. Why do we call out others for allegedly stating a term that offends, in such a judgmental way. The 10 Commonalities of suicide is important to know. And responding in the best way you know how is valuable. If my patient calls me a shrink, I am flattered, when they call me “ the Bettsinator” I am flattered, when they call me by my name I am flattered. The issue of suicide prevention and intervention needs alot of work, but “ language” is not worth my time. Follow the research, best outcomes, evidence-based treatments and earlier recognition of child maltreatment.