@Talking Suicide to death. This is truly a gift from nature that I am most proud. As long as the adolescents I treat for suicide ideation are still breathing there is hope. Bon Jovi sang about “Living on a Prayer” and in many ways that is exactly how I let my inner wisdom take over. Science intersects with spirituality and at that beautiful intersection is where the greatest miracles occur. Adolescents who believe “ Even God must divert his gaze to avoid seeing me because I am so loathsome” So after the 3rd or 4th serious near lethal suicide attempt, many professionals believe treatment planning should be comprised if more of the same. How bizarre. I ask that we all seek the best possible ways we can shift our culture such that character development, spiritual longing, a celebration of curiosity, respect for nature and the self, and empathy are celebrated. Otherwise I will continue to talk suicide to death with adolescents. Michele Betts Schultz