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Hannah Greene

  1. Insurance companies are FOR PROFIT.
  2. CEOs make millions and millions
  3. Both require assistants of assistants to determine who, how, why steering comittees are needed annd these will take 2 years to come to completion regarding teeny weeny itty bitty items of no significance other than to themselves
  4. Corporate and managers are necessary to fill seats in meetings no one wants to be at.
  5. The richest of the richest profit on the blood and guts of the ill and dying
  6. So lets start at the top in resolving health care issues
  7. Did I mentiin corporate cars and riund the world “ conferences” that make prividers and patients laugh? Come on who isn’t ready to have their corporate budgets pay for a FAMILY trip ti Figi?
  8. Please, just cut the parasitic fat. More physicians are for single payer options than ever as a result of the corruption of Trumpcare.
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