Dear Community,

As part of our long-term development, the Phoenix team is pleased to announce that starting on Saturday, September 25, we will shift part of our incentives from BSC to Polygon.

To be more specific, with both the Apeswap and Quickswap pools online, we are planning to adjust thecPHX mining rewards as follows:

  • On Polygon:

USDC/USDT Pool for Options: 2000→6000 cPHX per day

USDC Lending Pool for Leveraged Tokens: 2000→ 4000 cPHX per day

  • On BSC:

Pancakeswap PHX/BNB LP Mining: 12000 → 6000 cPHX per day

Dear Community,

As our line of products grows the Phoenix Finance team is excited to share two important news.

First, As of September 9, 2021, we are launching two new Decentralized Leveraged Bull Tokens based on:

  • $CAKE (PancakeSwap’s native token) on the Binance Smart Chain
  • $QUICK (QuickSwap’s native token) on Polygon

Please find the details on the DeFi leveraged token model here.

Second, the team is planning a new approach to launching new tokens. In line with our belief that a truly decentralized financial world will benefit all investors and that a community is a project’s greatest asset, in the future, we will hold extensive Twitter polls to decide which assets to choose as underlier.

Needless to say, we hope you will all participate and share your opinions!


We are proud to announce that our partners at Zoo Keeper have launched a Phoenix Legacy Pool, allowing holders of the Phoenix Keepsake to stake their native token ZOO and reap rewards in PHX.

The pool will dish out as much as 7500 PHX per week for eight weeks, meaning twice the normal duration of standard safari seasons.

To find out more about staking and keepsakes, please visit Zookeepers’ official blog.

Or just start staking right here!

Dear Community,

Phoenix Finance is proud to launch a new partnership with Rubic, the multichain DEX aggregator providing instant & cross-chain swaps for Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and more.

As part of our deal, the Phoenix Finance website will display Rubic’s innovative Relay Widget, allowing our users to immediately, seamlessly obtain PHX, buying and selling tokens in a one-step action. All of this with the convenience of never having to leave the Phoenix website!

Think it’s still too little?

Then check out our special promotion. From September 2 to September 16, you will be able to use the widget for free. No fees!

Crypto Michele

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