I Wan’na Meet You!!

I am starved for humanities’ touch.

A warm look from another’s eyes. The clasping of hands in a caring embrace when speaking, watching a person’s face; we humans need each other desperately and it’s time to reached out and be once again, face to face andFeeling the Companionship of each other!

My summer project began today, Sunday May 20th 2018 at Sprouts. Grocery stores are always great in meeting people, once I tell them of my summer project they tell their stories; an ongoing 3 & 1/2 month project of “Allowance for being Human.”

Recently, as…

The Power in Busting Myths

Point: I was told I would never recover from TBIs; well I had 14 and recovered primarily on my own from several devastating Concussive syndromes; Transient Amnesia, onset of Parkinson, inability to Read with total loss of comprehension, inability to speak a congruent sentence — nor hold a conversation! Instead, I developed a technique called CNBR [cognitive neural behavior rewiring]. I no long have the six pages of dysfunctions I had once written for my doctors.

Let the rain of compassion touch you!

In the morning I walked outside with my Sädé. Lifting my head toward the tender grey sky, waters’ purity caressed my face — releasing my hoodie, allowing the rain to embrace my hair, moisten my skin, unadulterated senses of compassion filled me.

Compassion! Was here and now, I heard the embrace of the word.

Allowances in being Human.

Turn off the cell phone, close the computer, sit with a new or old friend, face to face and Listen to Each Other.

We open our Hearts and Connect when we Listen.

When we listen to others we expand our horizons. Promotes the heart and compassion to be present.

Loneliness comes from disconnections! We have lost the art of listening and Time Management no longer includes people as a priority.

Those injured with TBIs suffer gravely! Everyone leaves the injured person, for their abilities to function and communicate has radically changed. Misinterpretations run the gamut. Listening is an integral part…

Panic attacks, seem to come on suddenly, hitting like a freight train. Convulsing the entire brain and body.

The pain and experience is excruciating.

Our hearts race, our brains collapse, often sensations of fear consume our persona, it’s an Earthquake!

Our bodies tremble from the upheaval disturbance, seizing us in a terrifying grip. The time becomes an endless exhaustion.

There are real solutions and answers!

I have been of high energy all my life. With meditation and exercise, I taught myself how to keep that over-the-top energy at a slow boil. Efficiency, Achieving Excellence, Problem Resolution, were my trademarks.


“A Legacy Of Women: Pioneers — Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Recently, my friend Tanveer Naseer wrote a great article, Women In Leadership Is Not a Zero-Sum Game, where he quoted, Chelsea Berler, CEO of her own marketing business.

The article is a tribute to women leaders and Tanveer excelled in representing Ms. Berler’s point of business, her private life, which had been the stimulating incentive for success. Many entrepreneurs follow these footsteps; “from dire distressed, to success.”

There are only a few successful women as corporate leaders or heads of state; such as Ursula Burns, Sheryl Sandberg, Hillary Clinton, maybe a…

Brain Pain is not a headache TBI awareness

My Brain HURTS! as I argued with the Neurologist. It’s Brain Pain; my Brain is sloshing as if it were a dingy on a stormy ocean. “My Brain feels like Scrambled Eggs, “I can’t think, it is as if I were moving through thick molasses up a icy hill.” I would repeat; “I have Brain Pain.” My Brain hit a monumental Fatigue and Halted in Pain!

Brain Pain is Agonizing! Deep internal pain radiating a constant heavy-severe internal pain.

TBI Recovery

I was in my (Vestibular) therapists’ office yesterday for yet another treatment due to a slight fall in January. We spoke on the critical factors of my brain’s delicateness. Although I have recovered, the next slight fall could severely damage or kill me. A very sobering conversation!

This knowledge requires I learn deeper skills from inside myself; how my body moves, how to protect myself instinctively and learn new techniques.

The attention now demanded of me in my once carefree life of dancing, equestrian riding, walking briskly, gymnastics ((Parkour (which I was really looking forward to) is out of the…

KlassicAmir & MicheleElys

It’s a long winding road alone, living with TBIs and devastating physical injuries!

I was not even a shadow of myself. And I am terribly vulnerable in your hands now!

Be careful what you feast on, said a new friend!

Move forward and never look back. There is no hindsight with TBIs!

There were no answers or suggested recovery; I have many now!

This was very difficult to write here, it is fitting for a book with authenticity due to length and accurate details. I struggle leaving it in this written format; for it was not my idea. It was…

Diane and I sat in my car, the air was heavy! Backing the car from it’s parking spot I asked, is there something you need to talk about?

Diane began: “I came to Taos because my best friend killed herself yesterday. She jumped off the Taos Canyon Bridge! No one knew, she was so strong (1st clue). She took care of everyone (2nd clue), she worked at the Taos Clinic and everyone depended on her and sought out her advise, she was indomitable! (3rd clue). Here is her picture!”

I held back my gasp, it was all over her face…

MicheleElys, Dragon Slayer of Myths

HOPE & Caring from Kindness is essential. Please adopt these qualities. On a Mission this summer 2018 Reconnecting with people, Strangers gathering stories.

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