Putting one’s friends through a political litmus test, such as “donate to my causes, or we’re not…

Here’s the thing: actions speak louder than words. I could never knowingly vote for someone who openly spewed out his hatred for other people, as Trump has, over and over again, no matter WHAT he promised me. I have principles, and I cannot be bought. Those who voted for Trump voted to continue the hatred that was the foundation of his campaign. He had not one unifying thing to say to this country. Not one word of understanding, let alone celebration, of the intrinsic worth of people who are not white men. I will not tolerate racism in my sphere of influence, and I will certainly not hand a leadership position to someone who expresses it. The lies, false accusations, name calling, ignorance, whining, disrespect, blaming, and indecency expressed by Donald Trump is simply not acceptable. No exceptions. And now he has added others of his ilk to his administration, just like we knew he would. Reprehensible. NOT okay to have voted for him. Absolutely not.

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