Michele Estrada
Jul 24, 2017 · 2 min read
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Chiropractic Woodbridge VA — Back Pain Help with Yoga

The combination of beginning yoga techniques with other easy exercise techniques your chiropractor can teach you will result in an easy, enjoyable, complementary system to strengthen and tone your muscles. Yoga will also expand your flexibility and balance. All these things, working together with your Woodbridge VA Chiropractor will help to eliminate back and neck pain.

Yoga has many benefits, including mental benefits. Did you know that the regular practice of yoga can help lower stress and the hormones it produces? These are complementary to chiropractic care because chiropractic also focuses on producing benefits by lowering stress. Yoga can help you relax, lower your blood pressure over time, and help you tone and strengthen areas keeping you more active and pain free.

Working with your chiropractor, you can begin to practice some techniques that are easy to do and easy to learn and will have lasting impact on your wellbeing! We recommend you add some simple stretches to the low-impact exercises you may already have learned from your chiropractor.

Dr. de la Jara of Virginia Family Chiropractic Health Center in Lake Ridge VA specializes in both family chiropractic care as well as exercise therapy for spine and sports rehab.

Call us today to arrange a visit. You can also check out this playlist for some beginning techniques we recommend from Yoga by Adrienne.K

Virginia Family Chiropractic Health Center

12546 Dillingham Square, Ste.#102

Lake Ridge, VA 22192

(703) 730–1600

For more information on chiropractic health, check out our Wellness Channel!

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