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[#SCAM #ICO] New Fake.

I continue to get offers of SCAM ICO like this, where they “try” to buy your image.

Unfortunately I see many ICO #ADVISOR, also famous, which bite and sell their “image” for little money.

Often we are also involved well-known names such as some #TOP #Expert of @ICObench that certainly (along with those who hire them) do not make us a good figure to be the “parsons of many ICOs. disgrace begins to advance destroying the perception of those who think to make easy money on the shoulders of investors …

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[#FACEBOOK #EPICFAIL] Facebook blocked my profile with a communication without appeal. Or better, you can answer but the error form.

I believe that this attitude of Facebook towards users is absolutely intolerable and violates the rights of free communication of people.

I find it absurd that Facebook does not have a #customer #care with which to discuss problems and in an absolutely arbitrary way take away people’s voices.

Maybe I did not like some of my posts in which I politically criticized some topics, but YOU CAN NOT REMOVE PEOPLE THE EXPRESS RIGHT.

From now on it is better to remember who controls and decides our lives and our digital rights.

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Or rather they will be much more difficult.

With the news of the day that today Finma, the Swiss financial regulator, publishes the official guidelines for ICOs, we are starting to clarify a sector that is so important for global digital development.

I hope this avoids thinking that ICOs are something for everyone: too often, unfortunately I am contacted by “self-styled” startuppers with “wonderful ideas” in mind who want to make an ICO without even having money for a coffee, or without irony, not even the minimum € 500K for just minimally thinking of doing an ICO.

They are not scammers, but only deluded, true scammers, true scammers, are those who have the millions in their pocket think of doing an ICO without spending at least the minimum union. …

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