ICO’s are not (more) Scam

Or rather they will be much more difficult.

With the news of the day that today Finma, the Swiss financial regulator, publishes the official guidelines for ICOs, we are starting to clarify a sector that is so important for global digital development.

I hope this avoids thinking that ICOs are something for everyone: too often, unfortunately I am contacted by “self-styled” startuppers with “wonderful ideas” in mind who want to make an ICO without even having money for a coffee, or without irony, not even the minimum € 500K for just minimally thinking of doing an ICO.

They are not scammers, but only deluded, true scammers, true scammers, are those who have the millions in their pocket think of doing an ICO without spending at least the minimum union.

Now we have to thank Switzerland and more especially FINMA for the help it is giving to normalize and regulate the already full market of sharks and whales.

At the moment I am following important ICO projects here in Switzerland and for some time we have already started to apply self-regulation very similar to this legislation, confirming that they are now official are an excellent reward for our hard work.

The ICO Scam will certainly not stop here, will certainly continue and we must always remain alert and vigilant, but at least this legislation will make life much more difficult.


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