How To Stay Balanced In Trump Times

Photo: Yingli Xu / Model: Ty Gurfein

So much tension in the air! Donald Trump and his cronies certainly know how to throw the punch, activating fear and imbalance as they knock over any semblance of holistic, mature, and conscious thinking.

Facebook posts ignite more fire. The media fans the flames. We turn in all directions, and are bombarded from every angle with more disconcerting news as the Trump administration defies logic, let alone the constitution.

We find sanity and strategy in each other. Those millions of us who believe in humanity, ecology, and the striving for a better world are coming together to create a voice of repudiation and a movement towards the eventual creation of a better version of governing than ever before: one where big business and personal gain no longer figure into the equation.

On a personal level, now more than ever is the time to find physical and mental balance. Releasing worry and stress through practical techniques like Body Activation where body, mind, and spirit come together through exercises designed to release tension can help us keep a more regulated perspective. Through movement and meditation techniques, we are better able to handle these provocative and explosive times as we work on subduing fear and instead concentrate on amplifying hope, love, and understanding.