Change management is not about writing a bunch of policies about process; it’s deep design work to establish new operating practices for our teams.

Artwork by Aubrey Trinnaman

In Design Operations, I think a lot about the way we work. Our discipline is all about figuring out the best ways to reduce pain and increase a sense of purpose for teams who need to get sh*t done. I recently had to stretch the limits of my imagination on the role of Design Operations in helping our company transition to Virtual First.

My team and I are partnering with groups across the company to guide the development of new practices that everyone can adopt to make work and life easier in this new reality. This effort is not just…

How the Design Ops team at Dropbox team takes a strategic approach to people-centered problems

By Michelle Morrison, Sarah Lin, and Andrew Lee

Artwork by Gabrielle Matte, Samuel Pasquier, and Olivier Charland

Among the most enriching aspects of working in Design at Dropbox is the emphasis on creative community.

As it turns out, one of the secrets to building healthy, people-centered programming is to leverage the power of Design Ops. From hosting gatherings and lectures to publishing educational and personal perspectives, we prioritize efforts to contribute to the creative community in meaningful ways that help people connect, learn, and grow together. …

Artwork by Gabrielle Matte & Lexi Visco

Public speaking is a valuable professional skill, but it doesn’t come naturally to most people.

In fact, it often feeds a very common fear called glossophobia, which is believed to affect up to 75% of the population. If public speaking is one of the scariest things you can do, how do you manage it so you can build the skills necessary for a successful career?

Early in my own career, it felt like my soul left my body every time I spoke in front of my team or company. I would plan my presentation, practice it extensively, and the second…

The secret weapon of design operations

Artwork by Kay Milz

Okay, so you came to a design blog to read about spreadsheets. I’m sure you’re curious about how I’ll make a case for why designers should care about them.

But hear me out — spreadsheets are magical, beautiful tools for everyone, including creatives. At Dropbox, we’re designing enlightened ways of working, so in service of investigating what exactly that means, I’d like to share my thoughts on one of my favorite ways to work as a design program manager.

During a particularly memorable job interview, a hiring manager asked me what my superpower was…

Sushi monster at Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku

If you’ve never been to Japan, now is the time to go. Whether you prefer cheap thrills or white napkin meals, Japan has endless offerings.

I typically keep a loose itinerary with lots of time padding to just wander around. This trip had a jam-packed agenda sprinkled with spontaneity and little treats. Traveling with Clare Shaheen lead to glorious meals, unexpected surprises, and a deep appreciation for the special island and culture of Japan.

Diving into cenote Cristál.

Tulum is located just an hour and a half south of the Cancún airport in Quintana Roo, MX. Highly popular with ex-pats and instagrammers, this sleepy region once just a few palapas on the sand. Over the past fifteen years resort investment has built up the infrastructure and tourism in this now uber popular beach town, making it both convenient and comfortable for all traveler types.

Above all other reasons, which there are plenty, I go to Tulum to swim. There are so many glorious options when it comes to taking the plunge. …

Iceland has called me back many times to explore the vast landscape and steadfast culture. Introduced to the nordic way by good friends Yr and Anthony (Stay at their beautiful cottage!), I’ve found the community to be strong and welcoming to those who are curious.

Here you’ll find a directory of the best things about Iceland— note that due to the tiny size of the country competition can be slim, leaving the only option as both the best and the worst. Whatever. Go to Iceland. Do these things:

The Best in Town

Reykjavik is a super cool place with super cool people. The following…

I often describe Mexico City as a tropical Paris. It’s a mega city with tiny, totally unique neighborhoods. The culture here values kind people, vibrant boroughs, and simple pleasures. For the adventurous traveler and localvore, I’ve put together a quick list of my favorite things to do and see:

CONDESA — my favorite place to stay.

  • Hotel Condesa for a chill rooftop bar. It’s comfortable for big groups or snuggling up with a book and some sipping mezcal.
  • Cielito for really cute coffee. Fun visual design, cool ambiance. Your espresso will arrive with animal crackers.
  • Parque España to see that…

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