How the Design Ops team at Dropbox team takes a strategic approach to people-centered problems

By Michelle Morrison, Sarah Lin, and Andrew Lee

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Artwork by Gabrielle Matte, Samuel Pasquier, and Olivier Charland

Among the most enriching aspects of working in Design at Dropbox is the emphasis on creative community.

As it turns out, one of the secrets to building healthy, people-centered programming is to leverage the power of Design Ops. …

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Artwork by Gabrielle Matte & Lexi Visco

Public speaking is a valuable professional skill, but it doesn’t come naturally to most people.

In fact, it often feeds a very common fear called glossophobia, which is believed to affect up to 75% of the population. If public speaking is one of the scariest things you can do, how do you manage it so you can build the skills necessary for a successful career?

Early in my own career, it felt like my soul left my body every time I spoke in front of my team or company. I would plan my presentation, practice it extensively, and the second I stepped onstage, I essentially blacked out. I always delivered the presentation in full, but the fear outweighed the message in my memory. …

The secret weapon of design operations

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Artwork by Kay Milz

Okay, so you came to a design blog to read about spreadsheets. I’m sure you’re curious about how I’ll make a case for why designers should care about them.

But hear me out — spreadsheets are magical, beautiful tools for everyone, including creatives. At Dropbox, we’re designing enlightened ways of working, so in service of investigating what exactly that means, I’d like to share my thoughts on one of my favorite ways to work as a design program manager.

During a particularly memorable job interview, a hiring manager asked me what my superpower was. I answered with absolute certainty that I made really good spreadsheets. We both laughed, but it was true. I even had a case study about a spreadsheet in my portfolio. This calm confidence came from a few years of enthusiasm and experimentation with a simple tool that that had been foundational to my career in Design Operations. …


Michelle Morrison

All cream, no sugar. Building with Dropbox Design.

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