is it time to go away?

Just feel it

‘Going away is important so that you understand that you are not so important, that life goes on, with or without you around. People are born, die, marry, separate and solve problems that you once believed only you could solve. It’s shocking and liberating — no one needs you to live on. Neither your mother, nor your father, your former boss, nor your ex boyfriend, anyone. It sounds like bullshit, but most of us have a very distorted notion of the importance of ourselves— the truth is: no one is irreplaceable or indispensable. Deal with it.

You have to go. Try.

Go away! Whether for 2 minutes, or for 2 years, those who miss you won’t feel any less or more because you’ve left — so go! The feeling does not change. Some people will never forget your birthday, whether you are here or in Australia. This “I miss you’’ is BS. Those who miss you will always feel and act. And don’t worry, because the filter is natural. If they really miss you, you won’t hear ‘’I miss you’’, you will hear “hey, come over tonight, let’s have dinner together’’ or ‘’where are you? I need to see you’’

So go away. Go away from the work that torments you. Go away from that relationship you know will not work. Go away “from those friends” who are present when appropriate. Go away from your parents’ house. From your country. From the living room. Go away. For minutes, for years or for life. Go away for some time, even if it is to know more about yourself. When and if you return — you will see things from another perspective, from above the plane.From above the mountains.

Excuses, fears and worries will always exist. All you have to do is decide to face them the way they really are — the size of ants. ‘’

Mauna Kea Observatories, Hawaii
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