Old dog learning new tricks

“If you have to ask how to use it, you probably shouldn’t be on it”…. “It” being Snapchat or Twitter or any other new media that my daughters are using.

As Mira continues her great European adventure, trying to stay in contact with her has become a forced lesson in new media.

Last weekend we got a call from an upset Mira, letting us know that her iPhone was stolen at a bar/club in Amsterdam. She, of course, is super tech savvy, put the iphone in lost mode and picked up a local phone with extra SIM cards. Me…tracking the stolen iphone to Brussels. Gone.

Now I’m trying to communicate with her through her social media of choice….Snapchat. It’s simple to use, but my overthinking brain is making it complicated. I so far can do the messaging. I dont get all the crazy filters and the video parts….yet.

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