I blogged every day for a month. Here’s what happened.
Shaunta Grimes

Hi Shaunta,

I want to start by saying, thank you for this post. I have a copywriting and marketing company and have been looking to add selling my fiction and nonfiction books to the mix. I was introduced to Medium a couple of months ago but your post helped me to decide to actually try it out. (All your stats made my marketer heart very happy.)

I wanted to ask — did you ever try the import story option? I have a blog with a lot of content and I did import a couple of those stories plus I did write 2 fresh.

Also, I’m really starting from nothing. Like 1 follower. And my posts have some pretty sad looking stats (although, to be fair, I think I started this 5 days ago). I noticed you had 12,000 views when you started. Is this just a matter of posting every day or posting as much as I can and eventually the stats will go up or is there something else I can do? (Maybe that’s another article idea, how exactly DO you get started on Medium?)

Thanks for your help!

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