Adopting These Powerful Morning Habits Will Give You Exceptional Mental Strength
Elle Kaplan

The more seriously I take my success as an entrepreneur and a writer, the more seriously I take my morning practice. Years ago, when my mindset was more of a trainwreck and my fears and blocks ruled my life, I pooh-poohed a morning practice. “Oh I can power through. I just need more willpower.” Now that I’ve worked through a lot that, I’ve learned to swear by my morning routine.

I love these tips — I would also add for me, meditating, journaling and taking a shower is important. I also pooh-poohed the idea of showers every day — I work at home! I can be in my pjs! But just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. If I don’t take a shower, I feel greasy and gross all day, and that most definitely impacts how focused I am, especially as the day wears down.

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