A guide to surviving the gym, by someone who has no right to be there.
Jamie Chang

I’ll be honest- I scrolled instead of reading. And I’ll say this: I hired a trainer who also gave me confounding diet advice (similar to what your article describes- I did stop and read there). She pushed me to exhaustion, and I started feeling better, stronger, leaner.

But there was this little nag in my back, especially after dead-lifts. So we worked more on my form. I’m proud, but also acknowledge my age (43+). And the money I was spending for this training. I worked hard.

I hurt myself. I can tie my shoes or put on pants by myself… but I used to be able to do those things without thinking they were a big deal. Meaning: yes. Exercise. But listen when your body says, “Um, no?”

It might just mean, “No.”