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When it comes to the stories of assigned-female at birth (AFAB) veterans and the AFAB veteran’s experience, I am all for it. Please write about it, talk about it, raise awareness for it. I will read, talk, and help in any way I can. As an AFAB veteran myself, I know the looks and comments I get and those of some of my other AFAB veteran counterparts. I recently read “And Now, a Story From a Female Veteran” by Drew Magary on Medium. …

Warning: This is going to be a very long and very graphic post. I apologize if you get queasy or you are triggered by your experiences. I hope you can understand why I am going into this much detail and why I needing to tell my story.

This will probably be the hardest thing I will ever write. It has taken eight years to get to this point. Six of those years, I repressed everything about the event I am about to tell you about. The last two years have been closed conversations with myself and my therapist. It wasn’t until the beginning of June, I was sitting down with someone that I consider a friend and a mentor that it finally came out without tears. …

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Update: As of September 7th, Sephora has canceled their witch kit. Here is a story from The Fashion Law with more detail:

Witch kits…are they good or are they bad? I am sure you have seen the uproar on all your social media channels about the PinroseXSephora newbie witch kit that will be coming out in October for $42. …


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