(Why) The English-Speaking World is the New Soviet Union
umair haque

The analysis made is a very clear one. I am in almost total agreement. Two things I see differently:

  1. Universal Healthcare: I live in Belgium and our healthcare is very good (and everybody has access). It was constructed within a capitalistic society. It is important to recognize this : if we are making an accurate diagnosis of Capitalism we do have to note the fundamentally good things that, in the right circumstances, it can produce. Maybe, just maybe, a “fixed” Capitalism is not so bad after all…But don’t ask me what the “fix” is….
  2. The reason why apparently the Anglo-Saxon world has lost is could be to do with religion. This was not touched upon in the piece. The life-view and general philosophy of an AS differs in much more ways from a person with a Catholic society view as background, even when both persons are absolute non-believers. Just how different AS see life is difficult to grasp from the point of view of the AS, you live within a society of millions who think a like about life. Yes, of course those millions do think differently about a lot of things but deep under that is a shared world view. Believe me, looking at you from far off Europe.
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