Orlando Vacation Should be on Your Family’s To-Do List

While there are certainly locations throughout and around Orlando that seem like everyone has done them, there is a reason those places are so popular for families: Visiting them is a blast. And when it comes to family vacations in the United States, there’s only one other place that can compete with Orlando for theme parks and stuff to do and that’s the Los Angeles area.

The thing is, though, that it’s really not even a competition: Orlando’s theme parks are veritable epicenters of family fun, thrill rides, thematic experiences and more, and that’s not to mention the fact that the Floridian hot spots are larger than their Californian counterparts by mind-boggling margins. For example, Disneyland (the Los Angeles destination) is pretty large at 85 acres. On the other hand, the Disney World Resort in Orlando takes up a staggering 27,000 acres and over 9,000 of those acres have been developed. So that means that although Disney World is already over 100 times larger than Disneyland, the Orlando mega-theme park can still triple in size (while the LA destination has barely any land to grow out to). Disney World is in fact so large and offers so much to see and do that you could easily plan an entire vacation there without ever leaving the resort except to travel from and to the airport for travel — but then you’d be missing out on a few other great spots.

Universal Studios Orlando

Along with the exceptional Disney World, families taking a trip to Orlando will find a ton to love about Universal Studios Orlando and their Island of Adventure. Where Disney’s theme parks are (obviously) a collection of areas, rides, shops and other interesting locations based on the company’s intellectual property, Universal Studios offers more variety of entertainment brands to choose from. There, you’ll be able to experience attractions from the likes of Harry Potter, King Kong, Despicable Me (and Minions), Spider-Man and, interestingly enough, Marvel (interesting seeing as the Marvel Cinematic Universe is owned and managed now as a subsidiary of Disney).

Fun Spot America

Fun Spot America offers up a more traditional theme park feel for those who don’t have smaller children with them and can go on high-adrenaline roller coasters. While it’s not nearly as well known nationally, Fun Spot America consistently receives very high reviews for its excellent rides, visitor-friendly layout and fun atmosphere.

Seaworld Orlando

For curious tykes and if you’ve never been to a Seaworld location before Seaworld Orlando is like a hybrid zoo and theme park. When there, you can get up close and personal with all kinds of aquatic creatures and watch some great animal performances in between roller coasters and splash rides with many of them deemed “Kid Sized Rides” for the little ones who’ve tagged along for a vacation.

Now if you’re planning to do all this by way of road trip, you’ll want your car in good working order as you drive between theme park to theme park as well as the trek you plan to undergo — especially if you’re driving across the country to get there. Make sure to get your oil changed and keep an eye on your tires’ inflation during the drive. But if you’re looking for safety and comfort during the trip, you ought to look into smart car like the Mercedes F 015. It will make driving around a new town (while having a car full of kids) a much less hair-tearing ordeal.

In any case, taking a vacation in Orlando is something every American family should do at least once. The city is a veritable wonderland for kids and adults alike, and it’ll make for some wonderful memories for years to come.

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