I’ve been so into Mr. Tom Hiddleston lately that I’ve (somehow) ignored my favorite boy band of all time.

(Don’t blame Mr.Hiddleston; once you’ve seen him, you’ll understand my fangirl status immediately. He’s like, I don’t know, an 100% British gentleman who is full of charm. Not that Prince Charming kind of charm, that wicked, that evil-ish kind of charm. He’s god-like damn it. His eyes are like what can I tell you about his eyes? I don’t know it’s like when you look into his eyes you immediately wanna drown in themmmmm.

And yes I’m gonna stop now. Stop fangirling. Okay. Alright.)

So to continue, I’ve been letting things down a bit with BIGBANG.

And today I read some news that said BIGBANG IS (PROBABLY) COMING TO VIETNAM.

60% true story. :3

I was like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dammit BIGBANG is fucking coming to Vietnam what am I gonna do am I gonna save money and go to the concert and meet G-Dragon and fangirl all over him with thousands of others and skip lessons skip meals waste money in a fucking cool wayyyyyyyyyyyy

I was like running in circles and yelling and laughing and smiling like an idiot while trying to call some friends just to inform them the news and fangirl things up with themmmmm

Actually this article seems unable to transfer everything I think and I do into words but you should just get my message that BIGBANG IS FUCKING COMING TO VIETNAM MAN WE RE GONNA PARTY ALL NIGHTTTTTTT YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH