One-way Road

Life is a one-way road; there’s no turning back.

This is a nice sentence, isn’t it? It’s not a quote though; it’s something I’ve come up with myself. I just felt like putting it up as a “quote”; it looks more beautiful in that way.

Anyway, that sentence makes people think and rethink about their decisions; whether they are good or bad, whether they can profoundly for minimally influence their life. So what’s the link with today’s story?

One friend of mine is struggling making a decision. Actually, both of us are. We’re stuck in the middle of the intersection, wondering which is the best way to turn. She doesn’t have that many choices like me, actually. If it’s like a two-way intersection for me, a normal one, then for her that intersection is like a combination of a road, full of roses’ thorns, with a hanging cliff afoot and another that’s completely safe but fucking boring.

Wow I’ve been pretty damn good at producing metaphors these days.

Anyway, what I’ve been meaning to say is that I have no rights to tell you what to choose and what not. The decision is in your hands. You have to make your choice. It’s difficult, I know, but either way you still have to make one.

You know people often say that later in life, we won’t regret the things we’ve done; what we will regret is the things we didn’t do in the past. I think I’ve experienced this. I got tons of chances to do many things, but I gave them up. And I’m sort of regretful right now, yeah.

If you’re still questioning yourself, try making a mind map or something to decide whether going or staying is good for you. Weigh up their pros and cons, I mean literally. I did that with my staying in a dorm and renting before, it’s really useful for me at that time.

Or if you’ve already done that and haven’t found out the answer, then just go along with your gut feelings. Choose something. Feel disappointed? Not wanting it? Then choose the other. It’s just that easy.

And right, check out this website: It’s one of a twelve-grader at CNN (you know, Chuyen Ngoai Ngu high school). He’s younger than us, but he’s fucking talented and he’s done way more than any normal kids at his age can do.

And his photos are stunning.

So check that website out to free your mind a little bit, and then make a decision. It depends on you whether that decision turns out good or bad; just make one that won’t make you regret later in life.

Good luck.