This is dedicated to Linh the Daddy who loves dogs desperately

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I’m gonna write in English as Vietnamese sounds too cheesy and corny af.

So, you’ve been gone for 12 hours. There’s 8 hours until you arrive at that place where you’re going to spend, I don’t know, maybe just several or many years of your life.

And you’re gonna make some new friends, like some new things, or even love (some) new one(s).

(That last part is not guaranteed but we don’t know how life will turn out so)

I didn’t really want to write anything last night, partly because I was having a team meeting and the other part was because I seriously didn’t. I told you, I needed time to think. It’s hard to write something to another important friend who’s going to travel so far from you.

I’ve been saying goodbye to too many people just this year. Well I guess not that many, just 2, but 2 of the most important and closest ones. So it felt like a part of me just left and wouldn’t come back very soon.

The first time I said goodbye to someone who went abroad was with a tutor of mine, which was not really close, but we had good memories together. The second was with Thanh Van, I guess you should know. The third was with my little sister, just two months ago and so you’re the fourth then.

I like number 4. It’s my birth month and I don’t know but my life somehow keeps relating to it one way or another.

This is getting off topic. Oops. My fault.

Anyway let’s get back to you going abroad. I think I need to say this but you still own me a birthday gift so yes you should really prepare yourself as I seriously have a really good memory when it comes to things people promise me. Well you didn’t technically “promise” but as you already left without giving me the gift that I should have received half a year ago you’re the one at fault here. So I think I will have something to look forward to when Daddy comes back to Vietnam, maybe next year or the year after that or whenever.

Bidding goodbye to someone just hits me hard. I’m not good at saying goodbye, I’ve been like that since I was a kid. I guess no-one is, but I always take it hard. The only thing that is different between the me of several years ago and the me right now is that I don’t cry when the moment comes.

We didn’t even have a hug. I’m sad.

This was stopped temporarily because I was writing this at my company and then I had to go home to get to my afternoon classes. And you know you sent me that “I’ve arrived in Germany” thing which made me just wanna jump in your face and say you’d ruined everything. But I’m a good and patient and polite girl so instead I told you you would have something to read.

Just so you know I’m writing this while at school. We’re having a break though. And I have to gather any pieces of emotion left to write a mùi mẫn letter to you.

So it’s really hardddddd.

I don’t have my lưu bút with me right now. Another friend has been keeping that for me; I gave her so that she would write me something but she has kept it for nearly two years and hasn’t given me back. Well writing this cheesy letter to you makes me think of it; like I suddenly want to have it in my hands and re-read the lưu bút you wrote for me two years ago.

I still remember most of the words though.

I don’t exactly know since when we got so close with each other, maybe starting from when I called you Daddy because we were both somehow related to Thuy Tien (?) (like, as a joke, of course.) It was in seventh grade and was in an English class by Ms.Hieu, right? And from then on we got kind of close, and somehow you ended up being grouped with you-know-who because she was my “mother” then. And things happen, which I just forgot like how exactly we got closer or were there any particular moments that deepened our friendship (or, fatherhood). We just kind of did. And then you just kind of started telling me about your feelings with my “mom” and how you liked reading manga and we started sharing mangas with each other and there were also stories about our dogs and cats.

So that pretty much sums up our so-called friendship progress. There’s something that I need to confess here, I’m not a good relationship keeper. Meaning that relationships can easily slip out of my hands if I don’t take care of them, and this happens a lot. So well, because I tend to forget to take care of people, please do that job for me like sometimes message me to say something, even random things.

Anywho, because Daddy is gonna be a doctor (I guess), please try your best doing what you like and save a spot as a family doctor or private doctor for me. (or give me some discount.)

And because Daddy asked for my wishes so yes, I’m gonna write some for you. Please do your best there, like try to manage between your study and any other activities you plan to join. Do some research on prices of stuff and wages; don’t let yourself fooled like that time when you tutored that kid in Hai Phong. Make friends with people, and you can introduce some of them to me if possible especially the handsome ones (or beautiful girls will also do I don’t really care). And give me some messages updating your news when you have time.

Daddy’s gonna be well, and I’m gonna be well too. And we’re going to meet each other some day when you come home and bring me gifts for my birthday and Christmas and New Year and if luckily I can show you my handmade scarf.

Wish you every luck then.

From Chau the Daughter who fancies cats more than anything ever.

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