Conversational AI is inspiring us to rethink the customer experience on our platform.

Authors: Michelle Du, Shijing Yao

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Get embraced by plenty of natural light, brick, and plant in our new office in downtown Seattle.

Airbnb’s mission is to create a world where everyone can belong anywhere. Ensuring good communication between guests and hosts is one of the keys to developing a sense of belonging as well as a smooth and worry-free trip experience for guests. Millions of guests and hosts communicate on the Airbnb messaging platform about a variety of topics, including booking arrangements, payment requests, trip planning, service feedback, and even sharing experiences with new friends. …

Engineering education enables data scientists to better interface with engineering and ensures higher data quality.

Authors: Michelle Du, Yu Guo, Jeff Feng

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Our brand new kitchen on the 2nd floor of 888 Brannan St.

Since launching Data University (Data U) at Airbnb two years ago, our data education program has made significant progress towards our overarching vision of empowering every employee to make data-informed decisions. To date, over 400 courses have been taught to thousands of course participants by the 55 volunteer faculty members from across the Data Science & Engineering organizations. The content taught in these courses have helped to provide the foundation for data-informed decision making to countless employees across the organization.

While Data University has had a significant impact on the data skills for our workforce and is establishing a culture rooted in data, we have identified the need for team-specific trainings in addition to the Data U offerings that address the unique needs of specific functions and business units. Last month, we shared our ‘Data U Intensive’ trainings with our Experiences Business Unit and the Public Policy Team. In this post, we share our learnings in up-leveling our Data Science Team with engineering skills to increase their overall effectiveness. It has received great feedback internally, and we would like to share our learnings with the broader community. …


Michelle (Guqian) Du

Data Scientist @ Airbnb

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