Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

ALL MOVED. YAY. Threw Money At The Problem, and movers came early (!) at 11:30, and were done by 1pm. Perfect.

Friday: Meeting a potential new roommates, and then going out for drinks — like, on a date — and probable Uber ride home ($45–65, unless it goes really well, you know, and he pays for me).

Saturday: I made a research appointment at a library to read a chick lit book for book club. Why the book isn’t circulating is BEYOND ME but kind of hilarious. Hoping the librarian thinks it’s as funny as I do. I’ll treat myself to lunch ($10). Then, birthday hot pot for an old friend ($45).

Sunday: Possibly going to a brewery ($20), or I might just stay home and play on my new computer =))))

Estimate: $120–140

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