Monday Check-in, Post-Nuptials Edition
Ester Bloom

Estimated: $93–110

Friday: Pho, ended up meeting up with a friend too, but we just went to my house and chatted and had iced teas on the porch ($15.68).

Saturday: Groceries ($35.64). Did a ton of packing! Yay! Almost done! Split party snacks and supplies with my roommates ($25). Then I went out for dinner AGAIN but got Mexican ($9.84). The party at my house was low-key, but had such a fun mix of people. Afterwards, I took an Uber ($8.54) to a bar to meet up with some friends at a going-away party and bought 1 drink ($8.50).

Sunday: Worlds of nothing because I was so sick!!!! And not in a cool way! Next weekend is my move, but I have nothing else planned, so hopefully everyone will leave me alone and I can finally recover =)

Total: $103.20

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