Friday Estimate
Megan Reynolds

I didn’t estimate last weekend and it was fine because all I did was order food on Sunday. This weekend looks more spendfull, but who knows.

Friday: going out for snacks and margaritas to honor the Battle of Puebla and underdogs everywhere ($35).

Saturday: I am taking a home buying course in the morning even though I am not buying a home. I signed up and then kind of forgot? Anyway learning is good so no harm no foul. I’ll probably get lunch out afterwards ($5). Then, I have another party for Cinco de Mayo, but I don’t think I need to bring anything.

Sunday: No plans! I might go grocery shopping ($25). I haven’t been to the gym in 2 weeks, either, so hopefully I’ll be good and go to yoga or a class or SOMEthing ($0).

Estimate: $65? That seems wrong but ok.