Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

I had more to do this weekend than I’d anticipated, but did I do any of it? No, not really. I also felt proud of myself for not splurging on Net-A-Porter, JCrew, or any of the other millions of sales that popped into my inbox this weekend and this morning.

Friday: Dinner and Andy Cohen was so fun and mother paid as expected. I forgot my brother’s housewarming party was that night, so I bought a bottle of wine ($10.99, about $2 more than my usual gift bc he’s my brother).

Saturday: Skipped spinning, but went to yoga ($0). Bought toilet paper ($23.24, but I’ll get reimbursed by my roommates). I stayed in on Saturday night and watched TV, but I was a lot tired and it felt OK.

Sunday: I went to Goodwill and bought 3 earthenware containers ($9) and then went to the garden store and bought a new jade plant ($8.49). I rearranged all my plants a couple weeks ago, and it seems like they’re happier in their new homes.

Estimate: $13–60

Total: $51.72, less $18.60 for toilet paper.