Friday Estimate
Megan Reynolds

I’m going to NYC this evening, so it will probably be a big spend weekend. I found a new apartment, but it is a whopping $365/mo. more than my last place, so this is my last hurrah before I can’t really afford weekend trips like this. Or, the last time I can impulsively book a trip like this. BUT there will be at least 1 free meal because it’s my friend’s graduation! YAY!

Friday: I’ll grab something to eat before the Amtrak ($18). Sometimes I buy a bag of Doritos or something from the cafe car ($5).

Saturday: Breakfast ($7) and MetroCard ($30). Brooklyn Flea in the morning ($50 max spend challenge!), and then lunch ($15). I’ll probably hang out on the hotel roof deck for the late afternoon. Then dinner, which might be paid for? And drinks ($40).

Sunday: Also breakfast ($7), and then I want to go to MoMA (I lived in NYC for 6 years and never went, somehow) (hopefully free with my museum employee pass but if not $25). I’ll probably end up shopping after lunch ($150 for the whole afternoon), and then another dinner that will likely be paid for.

Monday: Breakfast (free!), then probably wandering around a bit until my train. It’s supposed to rain, so idk maybe go to the Whitney (ALSO $25 unless it’s free). I’ll grab a late lunch/dinner ($20).

Estimate: $392!

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