Tuesday Check-in
Megan Reynolds

Oops, I way overspent this weekend. I got punch drunk with all the great weather! I am getting a big tax return! I am bad at budgeting! Who knows!

Friday: Did not go as planned. I went to my favorite vintage store and bought lots of pretty new things for my new spring life ($103). Barre class and dinner at home ($0).

Saturday: Spin class and then literally nothing. NOTHING. Barely left my room. I got Chinese food with my parents, for which they paid. I bought a chair, but I won’t be charged until it ships ($500 WAY OVER BUDGE. But considerably nicer than anything I’d been looking at).

Sunday: I had to go to the library and pick up my book club book. Then I went to Sephora and purchased oh, idk, everything ($140).

Monday: I actually spent no money and visited the Peabody Essex Museum (free through my employer).

Estimate: $100

Actual: $243 plus a $500 charge that will hit… sometime in the next 2–7 weeks. Cool.

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