Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

This was a high-spend week for me already. I bought a chair, rug, and coat rack! I also got an over-the-door towel rack for the bathroom, but my roommates aren’t using it — instead they’re drying their towels on a folding rack in the entryway. It’s making the living room smell weird. Plz advise how I can stop this maddening process without coming across like their mother.

ANYWAY, generalized anxiety about cleanliness aside…

Friday: Rowing class, dinner at home, then seeing a concert tonight! I’ll allow $20 for drinks, and $15 for a Lyft.

Saturday: Breakfast and lunch at home, indoor cycling class, bikini wax ($40, but might put it off until next week), then birthday party! For me! At a bar that is walking distance from my apartment! I’m thinking of also inviting people over for pizza? I don’t know. That might be an expense.

Sunday: Groceries ($40), if I feel like going into the city, I’ll pick up some new fall clothes (budget $150, will probably only buy black turtlenecks).

Estimate: $95-285

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