Monday Check In
Megan Reynolds

This weekend almost went as planned? I way overspent though, possibly emboldened by my tax return AND payday on Friday. I got about $1800 back, and with $500 for a new chair, $75 for a new chest, and $675 for airfare to Paris (DID I MENTION i’m going to Paris?! S/O to the “worst financial mistakes” article from last week), I have a little wiggle room left.

Friday: All museum admissions were free, but I bought a glass of wine ($9). We went out for dinner ($12), and I was home early like a responsible person.

Saturday: I redid my underwear drawer. Threw out about 15 pieces, and purchased some nicer quality new undies and bras ($170). This was a long time coming, actually, and I feel good about it. I bought a small antique chest of drawers for underwear/pajamas/etc., and can’t be putting garbage in my pretty new furniture! The distillery was a low spend — $29 for drinks and dinner. Lyfts were stupidly cheap ($7.07 for 2 rides).

Sunday: No spend! I’ll grocery shop tonight.

Estimate: $98–103

Actual: $227.07

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