Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

What a busy morning!! I am glad this day is almost done.

Friday: I’ll be skipping my usual gym class to go home to get ready for a last minute night out, but first I have to go to the post office and CVS to get some Claritin (idk is this $18? Who knows) and a new loofah thing ($4? I would not do well on the Price is Right). I’m meeting a couple girlfriends for dinner ($40), and then we/I might head over to a bar for DaNcInG*~ wheee. Let’s try not to drink so much, so two $8 drinks with $5 cover ($21).

Saturday: Spin class if I stick to my alcohol and monetary budget. I’m getting my nails done ($28), and then to grandmother’s for dinner.

Sunday: Yoga class in the morning. My parents are taking my brother and me to the ballet. They’ll cover lunch/dinner whatever meal you have at 3:30 pm. I also want to make it to a Strong by Zumba class to make up for skipping Friday’s class.

Total: $111? That feels super optimistic but ok.

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