Why you fail to quit when you fail to cope.

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Are you an emotional smoker?

Smoking is bad for you. You already know that. Most likely, you have heard of the 4.000+ chemicals in one single cigarette, of the addictive properties of nicotine, and all the health risks that come along with it.

But did you ever question your intentions to smoke?

Just like we all have come across the term “emotional eater” — where people depend on (mostly unhealthy) foods to manage their emotions, some smokers could fall into the category of “emotional smokers.”

Not too long ago, I realized that I greatly lacked healthy coping mechanisms to deal with negative feelings and events…

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I admit I am not always happy. Most of the time, but not always. Over the last few months, I embarked on a journey of changing unconscious behaviors, incorporating new habits and constantly leaving my comfort zone. I am sure, I am not alone. Over time, I noticed how I gradually became happier. A lot happier. Not a quick fix solution and no instant kick of joy but a source of goodness that has become a constant in my life — one I wouldn’t want to miss anymore.

While I could see how all the small changes added positive aspects…

The Mechanisms That Keep You Trapped.

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Tobacco products consist of more than 4.000 different chemicals and substances. All of them work together to make cigarettes and other tobacco products more addictive. The best-known culprit of them all? Nicotine, of course.

It is the one substance that makes it so incredibly hard to quit for good. While it occurs in different forms and products, i. e. cigarettes, vapes, gums, snuff, pipes, patches, and so on, there is a clear preference for inhalation amongst most consumers. The reason for this is, it only takes 7–10 seconds for nicotine to travel all the…

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How to Get Going Without.

Only a few things will let us feel the intense fire of motivation. When we really get hyped up inside out, tons of energy available to put towards our goals. Sleepless nights, long workdays — no problem. Until, yeah, until routine sets in or something get’s in the way. Usually, life. Then, all of a sudden, what once was a blazing fire has now turned into a flickering flame at its best.

Unfortunately, motivation is that one thing that never seems to be around when it's needed the most.

Does that mean that we cannot get back to the highs…

Learn How to Cultivate Positivity.

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For some people, the glass is always half full. They manage to find the good in even the most desperate situations, and somehow top it off with a smile and the firm belief, that everything will be just fine.

Not quite as rare but for some sure as mysterious as unicorns — the optimists.

Where do they get their endless supply of hope and how did they seemingly become immune to the pitfalls of life?

Whenever comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres walks onto the stage, she throws a mint in the air and tries to catch it with…

How to regain concentration in a world filled with distractions.

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Bling, an email. Bling, your aunt just liked your latest Insta-post. Bling, your yoga-group added you to their WhatsApp group chat. Knock, knock. Your colleague came over to share the latest gossip fresh from the office kitchen. And bling again. Remember? You got an appointment at the dentist this afternoon, better not miss it.

Keeping a clear head and focusing on one single task can be a real challenge in our world full of distractions. Digital or real-life, our brains don’t understand the difference and treat them all the same. Research by the University of California has shown that distractions…

Self-Inflicted Pain — An Act of Self-Care?

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Have you ever wondered, why some people physically harm themselves?

How can someone endure the pain of slicing their own flesh open until their blood drips out? For what reason?

Is it a sad cry for attention? A harmful act of expressing their inner self? A coping mechanism?

The brain will only deal with the most prominent pain — it doesn’t care where it originates from.

I cannot remember where I heard this for the first time. But it made so much sense. Think of this scenario — you cut the tip of…

I got off the pill by accident and would never go back.

I was 15 when I first got on hormonal birth control. It was super easy to get, no questions asked. Almost like making an appointment to buy some super fancy sweets. Fast forward six years and I am 21 and forget to take the pill after the mandatory seven-day break. I felt like someone lifted a veil in my head.

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Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor. This is just a personal experience report. However, I will provide some links for further reading and to give a wider, unbiased view.

During my teenage years, I felt like the pill was something that…

Turn the world into your office and follow your dreams.

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A little over a year ago, I started to turn my entire life around. I was fed up with the situation I was in and couldn’t stop asking myself — how the heck did I get here?

My job was boring me, my closest circle of friends started to settle down while I was not ready for that yet, and every damn day looked the exact, same way. Get up, go to work, go home. Repeat. Until I sold everything I owned, swapped countries and turned my life-sucking job into a position that I am passionate about.

Find a job…

Do you smoke? Do you want to quit? Did you quit already? I feel you. I started smoking when I was 14 years old. I thought I was cool, all my friends did it, my older sister did it, and frankly, my mum did so, too. But of course, I was not cool. And it took me years to realize what I was doing to myself — but by then, I was unable to quit. Until I eventually did and everything changed. This is my story.

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Fast forward a couple of years. I am 24 years old then. I live…

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