Why Job Hunting is Like Dating

Michelle Koert
May 29, 2018 · 3 min read
Source: Canva

I said YES!

After blissfully being single (on sabbatical), I am happy to share that I have found the one.

The career pursuit was humbling, exciting, and nail biting. It felt a lot like the dating scene…

*My girlfriends helped me write my profile (resume), or rather they slaughtered it (Love them). How much do I share? How much is over-sharing? How do I look desirable, but not desperate?

The qualities I’m looking for in a partner (career):

· I can see a future with them
· Family oriented
· Intelligent
· Passionate
· Purpose-driven
· Chemistry
· Similar core values
· They like me for who I am

*LinkedIn is the ultimate Match.com. Putting myself out there is scary. Reaching out to tons of candidates (companies). Filling out countless applications. Many playing hard to get.

*The thrill of the hunt (job search).

*The non-committal coffee dates (recruiter calls).

*Man, it’s a competitive market (dating pool).

*Butterflies during the first dates (interviews). My armpits dripping in sweat. I’m so out of practice! Did they like me? I hope they liked me. What if they didn’t like me?

*Waiting by the phone for that second date (interview), that never happens. Should I call them? I don’t want to seem too eager. What if they think I’m stalking them?

*Lots of flirting with younger prospects (pre-IPO’s).

*Robbing the cradle (Interviews with managers who are 20 years younger). Am I too old to be date-able (employable)?

*Ghosting (never hearing from them again). Ouch that stings!

*The conference call interview. Wait! I can’t wear my power dress? You only wear jeans in the office? If only they could have met me in person.

*The fear of rejection that comes true. “Thank you for your interest in our company. We’re going to explore other options.” (there are other cuter fish in the sea.)

*Why don’t you like me? (sorry, we’re not allowed to provide feedback on interviews.)

*The break-up after the engagement proposal (offer letter). “It’s not you, it’s me — we lost the open job req” (alas, we weren’t right for each other anyway).

*And it just takes one to sweep you off your feet. The McDreamy proposal (offer), the one where you can’t wait to call your parents.

*Deeply grateful to my matchmakers (referrals). It takes a village.

*And to those hearts that I have broken, I am sorry! I hope that we can still be friends! (business partners)

*I am fully committed to this new marriage (vocation). In sickness and in health (in recession and in growth).

*And like my real marriage, hopefully it was worth the wait.

What are some of your job hunting stories?

Michelle Koert, Google Cloud

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