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In the fight to keep the nation’s 1.5 trillion student loan bill from growing, the Office of Federal Student Aid (FSA) may have just won a small victory. In its memo published on Monday, the FSA issued a number best practices for colleges and universities to adopt when distributing student financial aid letters.

Though a seemingly minor issue, numerous reports indicate that confusing financial aid offers can lead to students taking out excessive high interest loans in order to cover unexpected tuition costs. New America and uAspire’s 2018 study examines the clearness of 11,000 financial aid letters. Their research shows…

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In a December 2018 announcement, Secretary DeVos stated her agenda will promote “innovation” in higher education, including evaluating the current accreditation process. Some skeptics suggest this strategic phrasing may be code for reducing or eliminating federal oversight in postsecondary education. Regardless of DeVos’ intentions, many education policy professionals recognize the need to update accreditation standards to meet the demands of 21st Century students and a changing job market.

This announcement is well timed considering Congress’ commitment to reauthorize the Higher Education Act, the law that gives accreditation its status in American postsecondary education, by the end of this year. …

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Is the outrage over the college admissions scandal about the actions of rich parents and corrupt officials, or that it might force us to confront the myth of meritocracy?

It’s been a month since the Varsity Blues scandal broke and the nation is still reeling over the steps some parents will take to ensure their child’s academic future. In an up-to-the minute, news-soaked society, it’s curious that such a story has staying power in the public consciousness. Of course it’s worth noting the scandal is coming to light while Harvard awaits a ruling from the US District Court regarding the…

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