Up Against the Wall — Part 3

No Dirty Words — April

Doughnuts or Donuts? — Part 2

I got ready for our date. I was a bit excited, I liked the guy. I wore my little black dress that was mid thigh, sleeveless and low enough in the front so you could tell there were boobs in there, but not low enough to be skanky. Stockings and slingback shoes. Nobody in the south wears stockings much so it does say something. I’m not sure what. My shoes had a good 3 inch or maybe a little more heel which would bring me within an inch of six feet. He was about six two so we should be good together. I hate it when I have to wear flats because the guy I’m going out with is shorter and sensitive about it, although sometimes they really get into having a tall woman with them, then I can go all out and even pile the hair up. But there’s usually an ego problem in there somewhere so it never lasts.

He rang my bell on time, neither early nor late. I was ready and met him at the door ready to leave. What a shock.

We went outside and he opened the car door for me. Tiny bit of a challenge in my skirt, and I had the choice of the two hot chick entrances into a low sports car: left leg in, sit and bring the right leg in flashing what you have or sit with knees together and bring both legs in hiding the goodies. Since he held the door like a gentleman, I kept my knees together like a lady. He smiled. He knew the game.

“You take really good care of this.” Flatter his penis extension.

“Yeah, I drove it a lot the first couple of years I had it. I spent way too much money on it when I got it, but 2002 was the last year they produced it and I didn’t like the Z4 anywhere near as much. Too much surface excitement. So I got this and then decided to take care of it. The department gives me a car to use, so I don’t need it for work, and I use a pickup out on Dad’s farm, so I only use this for fun. And to impress hot chicks.” He smiled at me. I wonder if he had any idea I was more impressed with the fact he kept twelve year old car in mint condition and chose to use it for me than I was in the car itself.

He walked around and got in. He took a tag from the window. It had some police symbol on it.

I asked, “What’s that?”

“It’s my get out of a parking ticket free card. One of the advantages of being a cop, park anywhere. If there’s a space.” My residential street requires stickers in the window to park there, so I can see the advantages. “I was thinking about the Bull Street Chophouse, if that’s okay with you?”

Nice that he chose and nice that he asked. “I’ve never been there. I try to stay away from red meat, but I’m sure it’ll be fine. It’s not that I won’t eat steak or stuff, but I don’t like things that I don’t know whats in them.”

He smiled and chuckled. “Picky, huh? How about barbecue?”

“Thats fine, I know what kind of stuff the pigs eat, but I don’t eat catfish.”

“Geez, do I get a scorecard to keep up with this?”

He didn’t seem to be having any problem really. He pulled the car into the street and headed out, A turn around Wright Square and we were there. He waved to the valet and walked around to help me out of the car. Like I don’t need it, but it’s nice that he thinks of me, I like that. Better than the guys that are half way to the bar before they realize you don’t know how to find to door handle in their brand Z car.

We headed in and took the elevator to the second floor. Our table was ready, which was odd because there was a line at the bar waiting for tables. I ordered a lime gimlet, Tim ordered Scotch and we also ordered a fried mozzarella to split.

I started to have the talk with him. “Tim, you know I once saw a show where the couple on a date talks about the tension the guy feels all night long because the girl knows if he’s going to get lucky but he can’t relax and enjoy himself because he’s trying to figure out what’s going to happen at the end of the night. Well, you can relax, you’re not getting lucky tonight.”

His face did a half dozen rapid changes of expression, disbelief, sadness, amusement, disappointment, and back to the beginning. He recovered well. “I see. I’m going to have the fillet, what would you like?”

I ordered the sea scallops and we got a blush wine to go with both. I didn’t want anything really heavy, we’d talked on Thursday and decided to go clubbing after dinner. I wanted to be able to at least move without a huge dinner sitting on my stomach. Dinner was great. We finished the bottle of wine and headed for the club.

I’ve been to 309 West a bunch of times but I’d never seen Tim there. He said he’d seen me and wanted to ask me to dance but someone always got in the way. So tonight was his lucky chance, he had me all to himself, if he could keep up.

We found a table near the back against the wall and ordered drinks, another lime gimlet for me, he switched to Rum and coke. Talking wasn’t such a good thing, it was more like yelling in each other’s ear except for the breaks, but even then the recorded music was loud. So we danced more than half of the songs. We kept it going until about quarter to two.

When we walked back to the table, he put his arm around my waist and hugged me to him. I moved close rather willingly, I’d been doing that all night on the dance floor. The band started another song, but we stayed where we were and he moved his face close to mine so I let him kiss me. Lightly at first but it got hotter quickly. I was standing and I leaned back against the wall and tipped my face to his. He took full advantage of my mouth and tongue. Damn he can kiss.

It was dark in the corner and no one was paying attention to us anyway so I didn’t object when he slid his hand over my breast and held it. I had my arms around his neck and one thigh pressed against his crotch. I could tell he was excited. Very excited. We broke from the kiss and I put my face in his neck. He moved his hand down my body slowly. I bit his neck and he moved his hand over my stomach and between my legs. It was getting warmer in the club so I bent my knee and put my foot on the wall behind me. His hand slipped up my stocking to the flesh above it and then slowly up to my panties. I moved back from his neck so we could kiss and we did. He rubbed me through my panties until they were wet, then he moved them aside and slipped two fingers in me and his thumb at the top of my slit. He moved everything together and I had to just hold on to him and put my head beside his neck. I think it took less than two minutes before I was shaking and almost moaning loud enough to draw attention, but I don’t think I did. I don’t think anyone noticed.

Then we pulled apart and he helped me sit down on the stool. I thought I can’t believe I just got fingered in a club, in public. What a slut.

He whispered in my ear, “I thought you said I wasn’t getting lucky tonight.”

I told him, “You didn’t. But I didn’t say I wouldn’t.”

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