Mermaid Beauty & Snowtacular take on the world!


Hi it’s Snowtacular. I am speaking to tell you we are in Greece. (There are a lot of cats.) I arrived on 7/25/2017. I LOVE TYPING CRAZY. I went to Μουστάκας (mustache). I got an orange fox and I named her oranj. Bye Bye!!!!! p.s. it is way hotter than home.

Hi, it is Mermaid Beauty. This is our blog. I went on a ferry and saw lots of islands. The boat ride was a little bumpy. In Greece there are a lot of cats and dogs and they are so cute. On this trip there is a lot of nature. And it is very hot. There is a lot of water and a lot of big and small fish in the water. I have not seen any butterflies. I have seen mountains on islands.

Week 2 — The wonky donky Greece adventure

Hi Snowy speaking. I wrote a newsletter to tell you about what is going on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cutie pie

I found a γατα, and I named her Cutie pie. She is so soft. P.S. she loves γαλα.


  • So there were two muffins in the oven.
  • And one muffin said, “Boy it’s hot in here.”
  • Then the other said, “Holy mackerel, a talking muffin!”


I went to a castle this week. We saw Turkish baths. The castle was 60 acres wide. The first part was built in the 6th century.

It is Mermaid Beauty. We went to the ouzo festival and saw Greek dancing. We ate cotton candy that was bigger than our heads!

Our γατα loves γαλα and cat treats. She is super cute. She is super nice, but she already scratched me.

We went to the beach. My dad took us to a water moon bounce. There was a rope that was hard to climb, and I was the first to make it to the top without slipping down.

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